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No alcohol how to produce low alcohol beer

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No alcohol how to produce low alcohol beer

Release date:2016-10-19 Author:汤宸机械 Click:

In recent years, with the development of beer industry, beer of domestic demand is more and more big, people also put forward higher requirements about the quality of the beer and the new standard, and no alcohol beer receives the general consumer's favor, here, let me introduce for you without alcohol beer production technology.

Low alcohol beer is alcohol volume fraction value below the normal beer special beer, beer without alcohol beer, low quantity of heat, etc. Refers to the normal beer without alcohol beer production process but beer alcohol volume fraction less than 0.5% of special beer. Without alcohol beer because of its low alcohol content, so it is very suitable for social occasions, also should not be suitable for some drink, like a lady, the driver, athletes, youth, children and allergy to alcohol consumption, such as the crowd. It is understood that the earliest by the Swiss roll out without alcohol beer, in the United States, Germany, Britain, Japan and other countries have successively, and have already had the very big development. Beer production enterprises have begun to adopt low-temperature vacuum distillation technology without alcohol beer production.
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No alcohol how to produce low alcohol beer


1. The finished beer brewing out heated.

2. In the process of heating, evaporation of alcohol with cooler recycling; Distillation temperature should be appropriate, generally is 79 ~ 80 ℃, which is the optimum temperature alcohol evaporate.

3. At the same time in the recovery of alcohol, the release of carbon dioxide and beer flavor ingredients also recovery.

4. When the alcohol content in beer to below 1%, stop heating, and cooling.

5. Recycling of carbon dioxide and beer flavor ingredients to add to the cooled beer, if enough carbon dioxide, still can further filling new carbon dioxide. Which produce no alcohol of beer. And can keep without alcohol beer typicality. If in the process of distillation, flavour compounds loss is more, have to add a new flavor ingredients, such as hop oils, etc.

Examples of common beer finished 1000 litres, added to still (still need to be accompanied by the cooler), by steam heating to 79 ~ 80 ℃, for distillation. After being alcohol evaporate all, still in the distilled liquid for cooling, stay when the temperature down to room temperature, adding 60 litres of carbonated water, airtight after mixing, add 100 ml of hop oils, so that production without alcohol beer does not contain alcohol and has the original beer flavor. In addition, the beer of the various nutrients such as protein (amino acid), organic acids and inorganic elements, vitamin can be preserved.
Another distillation is still to add 30% of the water, heated to boiling, add the finished beer, but add beer must stay in the process of distillation kettle boiling state, but also add a small amount of hops, to control the formation of the bubble and help heat concretion, when no alcohol of beer alcohol content reach requirements, stop the boiling, cooling, and carbon dioxide is without alcohol beer again.

Is the key of the production of low alcohol beer alcohol content is low but beer flavor unique cannot little, other features also want to ensure quality.
Low alcohol beer production process can be roughly divided into two categories:
One kind is by controlling the alcohol production in the process of beer fermentation is within the scope of the required standard, such as road's yeast method, pap of the patent law, high-temperature saccharification method, etc. Now can use after the induction variable without alcohol beer yeast production, it can reduction in the process of fermentation alcohol (into ester or organic acids, etc.) or basic does not produce alcohol, can make the normal fermentation wort, no bad flavor and harmful ingredients, mature fermented alcohol in beer volume fraction of 0.5% or less.

Another kind is the normal of the alcohol in beer fermentation removed through various means to meet the standard requirements, such as vacuum evaporation method, reverse osmosis, dialysis method, etc.