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How to correctly disinfect beer equipment

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How to correctly disinfect beer equipment

Release date:2016-10-20 Author:汤宸啤酒设备 Click:

Belong to the entrance to drink beer, and so a beer equipment at the time of sterilization must be careful, there cannot be any careless. How to improve the quality of beer and beer can ensure safe drinking is a priority, so no need for beer equipment disinfection sterilization and cleaning on a regular basis. So how do you know the disinfection and sterilization?

Now on the market is the most common cleaning methods in situ cleaning, namely under the condition of closed, don't hurt efforts to equipment parts or fittings, cleaning and sterilization of equipment and piping. Whether it is still small and large devices, cleaning and sterilization is a basic work in beer production, also is the most crucial technical measures improvement of beer quality. We are cleaning it is best to use a fixed ball cleaning, or with jet cleaning is to clean up.
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How to correctly disinfect beer equipment

In the process of beer production, in addition to taking the right production process, also must to correct and timely cleaning of equipment, and regular disinfection and sterilization. Beer production process are exposed to the main equipment including mash tun, mash copper, transition boiling pot, wort machine (or filter tank), cold wort pipeline, drunk, beer cans, wort cooler transition machine, drunken mother added pipeline pump, beer, spill tank, filling machine and used in production all kinds of pipe fittings and so on. Cleaning is to remove the tanks, pipes and equipment as far as possible on the surface of the dirt. If cleaning, with incomplete sterilization equipment inside the remaining sense and biological breeding will weaken the effect of fungicide. Yeast and protein impurities, hop, hop resin compound and beer stone, etc., due to factors such as electrostatic effect, these dirt wall surface deposition inside the equipment, the equipment surface become rough, and provides the place for badge biological growth. When catharsis must remove dead creatures colony. Because of fungicide is suitable for surface sterilization, to internal live bacterial action is small, easy to cause pollution again.

In the midst of cleaning up one of the most important when the fermentation tank cleaning, at present, the fermentation tank volume is more and more big, conveying pipe, more and more long, bring many difficulties to the cleaning and sterilization. How to effectively correct the fermentation tank cleaning and sterilization, to meet the needs of the current beer "pure biochemical", meet the requirements of consumers on product quality, should be has drawn great attention of beer production workers.