Our customer's 500l craft beer brewery have finished installation...

Our customer's 500l craft beer brewery have finished installation, looking forward to taste their new beer in the New Year's day !
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This is a 500L 4.5- vessels brewhouse system with one 1000L HLT,

From right side it is Mash tun, Lauter + storage tun, boil tun, and whirlpool tun, hot water tank.

This configuration designed follow client demand. I think it can come true mult-batched brewing in one day, at least 4 batches in one day.

Notice the storage tun below the lauter tun, it can storage the wort in while time after filtering process, then go into the boil tun.

1000L hot water tank is necessary to supply enough hot water for mashing and washing grain.

Also, the water could be heated in both mash tun and boil tun which can provide enough water, for multi-batch brewing, enough mash water is important to come true faster brewing speed.

As for this configuration, steam heating way is suitable, all electricity consumption just be collected on a electric steam generator, approx 36KW. All tuns are insulated by 80cm thickness, you could pre- heat water, heat will not lose.

Enjoy life, enjoy brewing, and enjoy TONSEN.

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