Beer Industry Development Trends

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Under the trend of consumption upgrading, with the rise of new consumption forces of the younger generation around the world, people are no longer satisfied with the traditional single taste of beer. Consumers are paying more and more attention to the pursuit of high-quality life. Beer consumption is becoming high-end and quality-oriented. With the advancement of globalization, the proportion of mid-to-high-end beer consumption is increasing year by year, and the increase is rapid.


The person in charge of a large beer festival lamented: "I have been in this business for almost 20 years. Since 2019, I have felt that the market has gradually changed. In the past, it was a large-scale volume. At that time, not many people cared about quality, but Since 19 and 20 years later, the market's pursuit of beer quality has begun to rise, and now everyone has higher requirements for beer quality, brand, taste and other aspects." The person in charge said that from a product perspective , the production process of craft beer is different from that of industrial beer. The former has simpler ingredients and longer brewing time. The taste brought by the slightly special process creates the destined upgrade characteristics of craft beer. In terms of taste, craft beer has a mellower taste, more varied flavors, higher wort concentration, and fresher taste than industrial beer. During the interview, the general manager of a wine merchant also said that high-endization is a common trend at present, which can also be observed from the sales ratio. "Currently, high-end beer accounts for about 30% of the store's revenue, while three or four years ago this figure may have been less than 5%." said the general manager of the commercial bank.


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