Kombucha Brewing Equipment
All of our commercial kombucha brewing equipment is built with high grade, non corrosive, premium 304 stainless steel. Designed for large scale kombucha brewing, our kombucha equipment is incredibly easy to clean which reduces the risk of accidentally introducing contaminants into the kombucha brewing process.

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Kombucha is a fermented drink made from tea, with it’s origins traced back to South East Asia. It’s popularity has spread to the West, where it is one of the fastest growing drinks. While normal carbonated drinks are made with sugar, carbonated water and everything artificial, kombucha is naturally sweet and carbonated, owing to the natural bacteria and yeast found inside.

 At Tonsen, you might know us as your craft beer equipment suppliers. Though we are proud of our continued accomplishments in the craft beer industry, we are excited to expand our services and technology into the worlds of kombucha production. Tonsen is able to provide the kombucha and juice industry with the preservation, processing and packaging equipment it needs.


Our stainless steel kombucha tanks are designed with top manways or side manways that will allow you to either lift out the SCOBY from the top of the tank, or from the bottom of the tank.  This is especially important in large batches, as the SCOBY can get very heavy.

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All of our commercial kombucha brewing equipment is built with high grade, non corrosive, premium 304 stainless steel.  Designed for large scale kombucha brewing, our kombucha equipment is incredibly easy to clean which reduces the risk of accidentally introducing contaminants into the kombucha brewing process.

Hot Kettle and Brewing Tank

This set is mainly for boiling up water, and brew tea with sugar under proper temperature.

01. Brewing tea 10g per liter, adding sugar/80g per 1 liter

02. Heated by Gas type Steam Boiler

03. Heat exchanger to cool down liquid to First fermentation tank

二器糖化系统  two vessel mash system.jpg

2维 康普茶.png

Fermentation Tank

01. Fermentation Tank is a customized structure which has been discussed between us.

02. With 3 sets x φ500mm top manhole, it will be sufficiency for the air access, also convenient for the complete CIP sanitizing.

03. 304 stainless steel material for whole set, qualified for fermenting process


Storage Tank

01. 5000L storage tank is special designed with limited height of 2.8m to storage brewed unflavored kombucha, low temperature control.

02. With separate temperature control zones & liquid level tube, pump in/out liquid as needed without any affection.

03. 304 stainless steel material for whole set, qualified for storaging process

20BBL Bright Beer Tank..jpg

Carbonation Tank

01. 1000L carbonation tank is mainly for carbonating unflavored kombucha before bottling.

02. Carbonation stone enable the good effect of CO2 dissovation.

03. 304 stainless steel material for whole set, CIP arm provide the convenience to sanitize between batches

23186 5bbl 清酒罐 小图.jpg

Glycol Water Tank

01Glycol water tank is the key procedure to maintain tanks' temperature. With 1:3 proportion of Glycol and water mixing liquid, it will be able to be cooled to 0~5 degree celsius without any problem.

02With 6T/h glycol water transfering pump

03All pipelines between Tanks are all included in this project solution

2000L 22313 冰水罐-.jpg 

Industrial Chiller

7HP Industrial chiller is equipped together with #13-3500L glycol water tank to be a complete glycol cooling system.

2 sets can make sure enough cooling capacity and also a cost-effective option when there isn't too much cooling work requirement,means you can have one of them on only, energy saving.



Cold Water Tank

01Cold water tank is mainly used for the Plate heat exchanger temperature cooling down job. Circulate together with Hot tea, can cool down from 90C to 28C in 40mins. The heated up Cold waterwill be pumped into #1-3500L hot kettle for the next batch. Saving water and power.

02With 6T/h Cold water transfering pump

03All pipelines between Tanks are all included in this project solution 

PLC Touch Screen Control Panel

PLC Touch screen control Panel with individual wiring box is customized according to system production technology requirements, and

also programmed ready to use, contains the control module for different area temperature control automatically.


200L CIP Cart

01All tanks are equipped with a CIP arm, easy to clean, and sanitized between batches. CIP Cart makes sanitizing easier.

02304 stainless steel material, high quality, stable to use

03with Individual PID Control cabinet, clean your tanks in position Installed ready to use, don't any further installation

22310单cip 50L.jpg


Semi-automatic Bottling Line

2-heads automatic juice filling + 8-heads semi-automatic Kombucha filling machine is the most suitable choice to fill kombucha into bottles under pressure and keep less foams.

8-heads bottle filling machine, Bottling capacity: 320pcs/h, with high quality air cylinder,304 stainless steel food grade fittings

Siemens PLC 200 smart , Kombucha Carbonation Tank Pressure: 0.15Mpa, CO2 Pressure rage: 0.14Mpa Power consumption 200W

8 heads bottle filler and capper.jpg

Automatic Bottling Line

2m empty bottle feeding in conveyor + 12 heads washing + 8 heads juice filling + 12 heads kombucha filling + 1 head screw capping +

2m finished bottle feeding out conveyor

自动灌装机Auto can filler.png 


1. Whole system apply for local voltage: 380V, 50HZ, 3 Phases

2. Production leading time: 60 working days

3. With CE certificated, European standard

4. Provide lifetime online/remote service

5. Engineer is available for on-site installation, training, trouble shooting. To be negotiated according to the global epidemic status. Buyer will be responsible for the service cost, round trip tickets and accommodations.

6. 2D & 3D Drawing&designing available anytime you need

7. Three years' warranty for the main products, one year for fittings

8. We accept payment by: Telegraphic Transfer/Wire transfer, 50% deposit and 30% once tanks are ready, 20% pipelines & simulation ready in factory before dispatch.

9. The flow chart and layout are designed as local factory drawing, to be further discussed during further installation process.

10. Customized pipelines refered in each Phase, stands for the one which will be needed to realize system brewing process, and easy for you to move front or back locally. As discussed, flexible steam hoses and sanitary rubber tubes are neccssary to be added in the project.

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