30HL Fermentation Tank
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3000L Fermentation Tanks

Beer Fermentation Tank has 100L to 30,000L and other pecifications, according to the actual requirement of customers. Cone bottom shape, cooling jacket using dimple jacket, jacketed outside covered with insulation, thermal insulation material for polyurethane (cold). Connector using tri-clamp, inner tank using SS304 or S316L the inner surface mirror polishing Ra≤0.4um-0.6um. Outer surface can be polished, wire drawn, sandblasted according to customers requirement.

Fermentation Tank Specification:

1.Volume from 100L-30000L,could be customized according to customer needs.

2.Material use sanitary stainless steel.

3.Three layer structure: Inner body,Jacket and isolation.Isolation layer filled with insulation material.

4.Inner wall fineness less than 0.6um,outside finish could be matt or mirror polish

5.Conical bottom shape,cooling jacket could adopt dimple jacket,arched and corrugated access jacket.

6.All pipes are all ISO or DIN sanitaty pipe,internal and external adopt food grade mirror polish

7.PLC control system,which could achieve automatic,semi automatic control,to ensure the accurately and effectively of parameters and experimental results.



2.Aseptic breather

3.Thermometer(As customer request)

4.CIP Spray ball

5.Bacterial access port


7.Adjustable leg

8.Jacket (Dimple or full jacket as customer request)

*Tonsen Fermenting system:

according to our standard configuration, the complete beer brewing equipment with 6pcs two batches beer fermentation tanks or with 12 pcs one batch fermentation (based on 12 days fermenting period).
The inside and external of tanks are adopt international standards 304 stainless steel material, mirror polished up to ≤0.8um≤0.6um≤0.2um polishing quality standards, fully meet the PLC automatic cleaning and disinfection of the controlled system requirements. Cone 60° resist compression design, with sample valve, CIP arm, racking arm, pressure gauge, solenoid valve, safety valves and so on.

Brewery Equipment RequestComponents
Milling systemMalt Miller
Brewhouse SystemMash/Lauter/Boiler/Whirlpool Tank/Hot water tank
Wort pump
Heat exchanger
Steam boiler (optional)
Platform and Other accessories are matched
Fermenting systemFermenter tank and BBT (Bright beer tank) Grinded SS304 with 2 layers
Cooling systemChiller and Glycol water tank (Ice water tank, cold water tank)
CIP SystemSterilization tank & Alkali liquor tank & CIP pump
Control systemPID or PLC (SIEMENS program) as option
Packing systemBottling/canning/kegging machine
Trade TermEXW, FOB, CRF, CIF
Payment TermT/T in advance

Area Request<45㎡<60㎡<70㎡<90㎡<120㎡<140㎡<150㎡<180㎡<150㎡
Brew master111-21-22-32-33-53-53-5
MaterialInterior Shell: SUS304; TH=3mm; Exterior Shell:SUS304; TH=2mm / red copper
HeatingElectric/Steam/Direct fire for optional
Voltage3 phase/380(220, 415,440...)v/50 (60)Hz



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