10HL Fermentation Tank
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Tonsen fermentation series include tank from 200L-5000L, widely used on brewpub, taproom, restaurants, bars, hotels, microbrewery,large brewery. Sipmle operation, excellent quality, reasonable price, long life service, we can meet your customize request.


  Automatic temperature control;

  Cooling can be performed in single or double stages;

  Laser welding jacket; strict quality control;

  Full CIP cleaning, no sanitary corners.

Brief specific

Product name
1HL to 20HL beer fermentation tank fermentation vessel
Volume1HL to 20HL(100L-2000L)
MaterialSUS304 or SUS316L, as per customer's requirement
Thickness3.00-4.00mm for inner tank, 1.5mm for dimple jacket, 2.00mm for outer shell, as per customer's requirement
Constructiondish top, cylinder body and 60 degree cone bottom; single-layer or jacketed.If jacketed, it has dimple jacket and PU insulation, insulation thickness 50.00-100.00mm as per customer's requirement.
Polishing treatmentinner tank mirror polished, outer shell can be either mirror polished or matt polished
Accessoriesmanway on side, yeast inlet, CIP spraying ball, CIP pipe, themowell, sample valve, spunding valve, pressure gauge, lifting ear, jacket inlet /outlet, outlet, brace for legs, adjustable fee

Total capacity
 +25% Head space minimum
Effective capacity1HL to 20HL(100L-2000L)
MaterialSUS 304/316
Exterior shell2mm
Interior shell3mm
Insulation materialPU
Insulation TH80mm
Top typeDished head
Manhole TypeTop / Side
Inner cone60 degree
CIP ball360º Rotating spray ball
Temperature sensePT100 sensor
Inner Polishing0.2-0.4micron
Design pressure0.3Mpa
Cooling typeDimple cooling jacket
Cooling jacket inletNPT/thread
Cooling jacket outletNPT1/thread
Pressure controlMechanical pressure relief valvePressure gauge,Rotating Racking arm,Sample port , Drain outlet, Dry hops port, Safety valve, Balance port etc.

Note: 100liter=1HL; 1Gallon=3.7854liter; 1Barrel (BBL) =117Liter;


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