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Beer equipment introduction :
200L Craft brewery equipment is widely used in micro breweries and beer pubs. It can brew pale lager, amber lager, dark lager, ale and etc at proper temperature with different raw material.

Advantages of beer equipment :

1.High cost performance.

2.Good abrasion resistance materialcopper beer equipment.

3.We all adopt SUS304 to produce our equipment. The inner jacket and seal head of the tanks are all 3.0mm. The external jacket is 2.0mm. It ensure the good pressure resistance and good abrasion resistance. 

4.Polishing accuracy up to Ra0.4μ m .

5. Strict tank pressure test.

6. Energy conservation and pollution emissions.

Detailed specification List

Brewhouse systemMalt miller Matching1
Mash tun&Brew kettle100L-1000L1
Lautering&whirlpool tank100L-1000L1
Plate heat exchanger1-15m2/h1
Fermentation systemFermentation tank300L -1000Loptional
Yeast adding tank1-100L1
Wort oxygenator3m3/h1
Cooling systemChiller3HP-10HP1
Glycol water tank500L-2000L1
Pump for Ice water tank1-5m3/h1
CIP Cleaning systemAlkali tank50L-100L1
Sterilization tank50L-100L1
Control systemDigital display controlling system/PLC control system1

Our Service:

1.We supply the complete turnkey beer brewery equipment include the bottle and barrel filling system

2.The detailed floor plan,CAD drawing and 3D drawing of the brewery,installation pipeline connection drawing,the operation manual

3.We can transport the goods to your delivery place

4.Support sending engineer to install and training technology on site and supervised-installation with remote support

5.We supply the beer recipes,brewing technology

6. 3 Years Guarantee service for the beer brewery equipment

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