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Simple description 

1) Perfect turnkey solution; 

2) Easy operation; 

3) Competitive price

The 300L brewery can be SUS304 or copper cladding in material, steam, electric or direct fire heating, two/three or four vessel brewhouse. 

The system contains milling, brewhouse, fermenter, bright beer tank, control unit, Glycol cooling Unit and CIP Cleaning System, as well as kegging and Bottling / canning system. 

The mashing process and the wort filtration process are completed by Mash tun/ lauter tank; The boiling and whirlpool processes are completed by one tank.

This system usually brews two or three batches a day.  According to different fermentation cycles of brewed beer, 6pcs double batches fermenters or 12pcs single batch fermentors can usually be configured. 

The system also needs to be equipped with a complete automatic or manual control system, malt milling system, CIP system, cooling system, steam heating system, air system, etc.



1.Our market team can serve you in 24 hours, so please feel free to contact at your convinent.

2.Our dedicated engineers can supply 2D, 3D drawing for you if you needed.

3.Our market team with our engineer with more than 10 years experiences together can satisfy you with any technology problem;

4.Customize machine can be offered(voltage,material,dimension,heating source and so on) 


1.When shippment, we will supply a whole set of parts for backup.

2.If there is any parts damaged, we are surely can send the part to you in 24 hours.

3.Main machine is 3 years warranty, auxiliary machine is 12 months warranty.

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